Who We Are

What do you know about Care2U Community Services

Care2U Community Services is a multifaceted not-for-profit organisation established for the sole purpose of helping the community. We are an innovative, passionate and genuine organisation whose primary focus is on supporting people with disability to lead meaningful lives. Our programs are geared and oriented at advancing the welfare and living standards of those in need of support in the community. The range of services we offer are delivered with immaculate honesty as we strive hard to achieve customer satisfaction.Care2u community services envisions happiness and helps you realize your true capabilities.
About Us

Care2u community services was established in 2009 with a vision of contributing to the community positively and fully support people with disability and mental health for them to live a normal life as much as possible by giving them choice and control.Our keystone lies in making a difference together by supporting people with a purpose and extend our heartfelt care. At Care2u, we provide NDIS support and professional nursing to the participants to make sure they make the most of their lives. With a personalised approach, we extend our helping hand towards people from all categories, be it Community, Disability, and Mental Health Nursing or Emergency Nursing and Healthcare Management.

Care2u is a committed, not for profit organisation with a strong focus on delivering person centred community services to promote independence, build confidence and to improve the quality of life of residents in NSW. We do this through our highly trained and experienced staff and volunteers who provide person centred services that result in our participants, their families and carers receiving individualised, quality services with measurable results. We build our business practices involving our participants in service delivery and planning, ensuring that participant’s rights are always respected and supported, promoting clear communication and feedback from participants and staff and on responsible and ethical business practices.We uphold our high standards by training our staff on current best practice and by working collaboratively with other agencies to achieve the best results for our clients and participants. All of our Nurses (Registered and Enrolled), Clinicians, and Support Workers are carefully screened with thorough reference checks and positive police clearances. Our support coordinators are skilled at matching our staff to meet your particular needs.
The organization is strongly concerned about how it interacts with all communities and its own team. It is working to foster a strong set of organizational values that the community and the team can rely on the organization to account for in all its engagements with stakeholders. A key part of the 2019/20 executive action plan is to set values as an all -staff exercise; to increase awareness of the organizational values and build links between these and tangible expressions of the way the organization lives to its values.Care2U Community Services is committed to provide support to Australians with disability and mental Health , their families and carers right in the community where you live. We are an NDIS registered provider and we are your best choice in the provision of, community nursing care, plan management, therapeutic supports, transport & travel assistance, and household tasks just to mention a few.
The directors of this organization have extensive knowledge in general, mental and disability nursing. The wealth of their experience puts Care2U Community Services as highly innovative and unique in its offerings.

The organization aspires to the following values:

  • Respect
  • Ethical
  • Honesty
  • Communication